Ian Stratton

Co-Founder, Director of Seminars & Camps

Coach Ian Stratton has been involved in gymnastics for 20 years, coaching professionally for 7 of those years. Trusted by many, he’s professionally coached gymnastics skills alongside Olympians such as Blaine Wilson, Morgan Hamm, David Durante (now owner of PowerMonkey), John Roethlisberger, and John Macready at the gymnastics camp Flip Fest.

His competitive career also includes 4 years of competing for Springfield College against Division 1 schools, receiving medals at the Eastern College Athletic Conference Championships, as well as qualifying for the D1 NCAA Championships

Ian is currently located at CrossFit Wingman in Agawam, MA, though travels as needed.



Patrick Hanley

Co-Founder, Eastern MA Lead Coach

Coach Patrick Hanley has been actively involved in coaching both gymnastics, as well as strength & conditioning for the better part of a decade. As he made his own transition from NCAA ranked collegiate gymnast to nationally competitive weightlifter, he’s dedicated his career to educating and coaching all levels and ages in gymnastics, CrossFit, and Olympic Weightlifting.

Patrick is currently located at Mass MVMNT in Hingham, MA, where he leads gymnastics specific programs and seminars for the surrounding area.