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We tailor-make each of our courses for our customers dependent upon their needs and the needs of their athletes. In gymnastics, the focuses and skill families associated with CrossFit can be broken up into three sections: Handstands, Gymnastics Ring Work, and Bar Work. Scroll down to read more!



Handstands are the backbone of gymnastics and learning this new upside-down world can have its challenges.

We start from the basics. Building confidence upside-down, progress into balance, walking, and overall endurance in the position.

For more advanced athletes, we continue to push the capabilities. Learn how to walk up steps, perfect your handstand push-ups, and even press handstand work for the handstand fanatics out there.

Skill Focus: Freestanding Handstand, Handstand Walking, Handstand Endurance Training, Handstand Push-Ups, Walking Obstacles, Press Handstand

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Gymnastics Ring Work

Known for its static strength as well as its swing elements, the rings are a great way to push the limits and learn trademark CrossFit and Gymnastics skills.

Utilizing body shaping and timing drills, we build a strong ring swing foundation for your athletes to build off of, as well as taking this time to focus on shoulder strength and stability to become comfortable both on top and below the rings.

This is a great course to get out of your comfort zone and master one of the most intimidating apparatuses.

Skill Focus: Basic Swings, Swinging Muscle-Ups, Strict Muscle-Ups, Support Training, Ring Kips, Rolls to Support

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Bar Work

Swinging is fun, so take the time in this course to learn various swinging and kipping techniques to achieve different pull-ups and muscle ups.

Much like the rings, utilizing momentum in combination with strength is the key to success on this apparatus. Let our coaches hone in on your athlete’s swing and teach them how to use their movement to their advantage.

Skill Focus: Swing Timing Drills, Beat Swings, Toe to Bars, Kipping Pull-Ups, Butterfly Pull-Ups, Bar Muscle-Ups, Glide Swings, Glide Kips